Selling Your House? No Need to Go Mad With the Decor!

Many of us will be selling houses this year, either moving up to a larger property, or perhaps downsizing to something a little smaller – something we all have in common though is the thought that we need to get our houses ‘ready for sale’.  This is the process of redecorating in order to get the house looking smart and presentable for the viewing public to decide to purchase.

The issue with this pre-sale decorating is that it is actually completely unneccessary!  Many people when they move into a house actually tear out all the ‘old’ stuff and replace it with their own chosen decor.  This means that all the hard work and money you spend on updating the kitchen and bathroom will have gone to waste in the bottom of someone else’s skip!  Instead of focussing on decorating, why not instead focus on decluttering and getting your own things ready for the big move instead?

Fitted Kitchens for the Future!

Houses never used to be built with fitted in kitchens – sounds mad doesn;t it!  Cupboards used to be more like storage crates, roughly fixed to the wall in a rather untidy manner.  Nowadays, we all have beautiful fitted kitchens, with neat and streamlined cupboards tidily concealing their contents behind shiny doors with slim handles.

One place to buy a nice fitted kitchen is in a DIY store where you can get the individual cupboards, oven, hob, dishwasher and fridge/freezer to fit yourself.  This is good for people on a tight budget, as through doing the work yourself you save money.  The drawbacks here is that you need to be confident to install these items, and of course if you are using a gas hob you’ll need to get it all registered and checked by a professional.

Another way to get a lovely new kitchen fitted in is to call in a carpenter to install stunning storage units with your appliances built in.  This offers a neat way to design your dream kitchen without the need to understand how to build anything yourself.

Kitchens Add Dramatic Value to a Home!

The kitchen is an important feature in a house – the kitchen is often the room that will make or break the sale of a house!  Getting the kitchen right is a clear way to make more money from the sale of your house.

One thing we are often told however, is not to do any work to a house when we go to sell it – this is because buyers basically rip the whole thing out and start again when they move in, so it is wasted money from that view.  The problem is though, how do we maximise our sale value without completely changing the kitchen?

The first way to do this is to make sure you put away or store any non essential kitchen items – keeping the worktops completely clear will make the room seem bigger and more spacious.  Have a bunch of fresh flowers on the table, and ensure your windows/blinds are clean.  Elliminate any clutter from the kitchen and keep it absolutely tidy and clean as much as you can, especially when you have viewings.

Keeping Your Kitchen Looking It’s Best

Kitchens are a main hub of the home, so it is important that they are kept looking their best!  This can be done easily using a few handy tips and tricks to keep your kitchen clean and beautiful.

Firstly, make sure all clutter is put away or thrown away.  This is the number one rule for making sure your kitchen looks tidy – simply washing the dishes and putting them away after you have finished with them will make a big difference to the overall look of the kitchen.

Next, have a good look round at the appliances on your worktops – do you use them everyday? If not, could they be stored in a cupboard out of the way?  This would free up lots of space on the worktops and make the room look much bigger.

Finally, keep your window clean!  It is surprising how mucky a kitchen window can get, especially with cooking steam and oils being used daily.  Keeping your window clean and streak free will make your kitchen look lovely.

Designing the Ideal Kitchen

A kitchen is a fundamentally important room in the home – it is often where guests seem to congregate during social gatherings and it is obviously where we spend a great deal of time preparing food and eating.  It is therefore important that this room is designed with ease of use in mind as well as visually pleasing design features.

First and formost, think about the space you have to use.  Are you planning to fit a table into your kitchen?  A breakfast bar?  If you have the space, it can be a nice idea to have a table within the kitchen as it offers a space to eat the food you prepare without having to take it through to another room.

Try to get your cooker, oven, sink and fridge aligned nicely so you do not have to move too far between each one.  You want a ‘working triangle’ where you can easily get to your different appliances.