Easter Sunshine Triggers Kitchen Update Frenzy

Well it is absolutely incredible to think we are already near the beginning of spring – how did that happen?!  It will be an early easter this year, I’m not entirely sure how the moon phases etc. dictate these things but I do know that maundy thursday, the day before good friday, falls at the end of March.  I absolutely love the easter period.  Not the chocolate egg fest, well I do like them but they don’t like me and I get fat!  Back to the theme – easter reminds me of glorious summer warmth to come in a few short weeks.  Those wonderful daffodils and spring blooms that erupt all over the gardens and parks bring a ray of sunshine into our lives.  This is reflected in our kitchens at home – more new kitchen designs are discussed, designed, paid for and installed in spring that any other period!  Long may that continue too.