Fitted Kitchens for the Future!

Houses never used to be built with fitted in kitchens – sounds mad doesn;t it!  Cupboards used to be more like storage crates, roughly fixed to the wall in a rather untidy manner.  Nowadays, we all have beautiful fitted kitchens, with neat and streamlined cupboards tidily concealing their contents behind shiny doors with slim handles.

One place to buy a nice fitted kitchen is in a DIY store where you can get the individual cupboards, oven, hob, dishwasher and fridge/freezer to fit yourself.  This is good for people on a tight budget, as through doing the work yourself you save money.  The drawbacks here is that you need to be confident to install these items, and of course if you are using a gas hob you’ll need to get it all registered and checked by a professional.

Another way to get a lovely new kitchen fitted in is to call in a carpenter to install stunning storage units with your appliances built in.  This offers a neat way to design your dream kitchen without the need to understand how to build anything yourself.