Popular Kitchen Goddess – How To Enbrace

I’ve been thoroughly enjoying watching the new series of a very popular cook and tv personality – she has really upmarket ideas and lives in a really nice little house in a very nice part of London.  She is so very watchable that I couldn’t actuallyare less about the food itself, I am meerly interested in the layout of the studio kitchen and garden that has been built to resemble her own.  I like the beautiful crockery she cooks with too.  Amazing how it simply envelopes me into the programme – her saucy smile and small innuendos tossed in with relish!

When you want some tasty kitchen ideas of your own, you need to sit down first, make a list of absolutely must haves, then some really really must haves, then  widen the scope a little and toss in some thigs that would improve your life but not alter it too severely.  Amazing what you end up with!