Scullery Kitchens Left Much To Be Desired

When we think of house moves, probably the first thing that anyone considers these days is “how big is the kitchen”, followed very swiftly by “where’s the range cooker, and/or is there a woodburning stove? . . . .”  Things are so very different from when my own parents were struggling to buy their first property way back when.  Dad had just come out of the services and after year of carting us around military married quarters, they were free to start afresh.  None of the fantastic choices available today – but then with less choice comes a much easier canvass to compare and contrast!  The kitchens were not fitted – you were extremely lucky to get anything larger than a scullery with a wooden draining board attached to the ‘one size fits all’ ceramic sink.   From the late 1960s onwards there would be running hot water to the taps upstairs and down . . . .  Hmm the good old days?  Maybe not all of them!