Selling Your House? No Need to Go Mad With the Decor!

Many of us will be selling houses this year, either moving up to a larger property, or perhaps downsizing to something a little smaller – something we all have in common though is the thought that we need to get our houses ‘ready for sale’.  This is the process of redecorating in order to get the house looking smart and presentable for the viewing public to decide to purchase.

The issue with this pre-sale decorating is that it is actually completely unneccessary!  Many people when they move into a house actually tear out all the ‘old’ stuff and replace it with their own chosen decor.  This means that all the hard work and money you spend on updating the kitchen and bathroom will have gone to waste in the bottom of someone else’s skip!  Instead of focussing on decorating, why not instead focus on decluttering and getting your own things ready for the big move instead?