Spring In The Step Follows A Spring In The Air

The joy of a new fresh spring arriving cannot ever be over stated!  The long winter season has gradually shifted away, taking with it the grotty dank muddy cold.  Boy hasn’t it been cold too.  Not quite as much snow as the children would like of course, but freezing conditions for many more days in the late season.

Now though, having established that spring is in the air, we turn our attention to the joyfulness of the lighter season.  Firstly we have the Eastertide festivals – family gatherings with lamb and lighter meat meals and rather a lot of chocolate quite probably.  Before that of course comes Good Friday with the ritual hot cross bun eating toasting and eating.  Kitchen appliances are always lovely to have and renew.  Easter seems such a good time to do this, especially with such a choice online.  It is now possible to get anything your kitchen loving heart desires.