Upgrading From Small Townhouse To Mini Mansion

Getting the right kitchen set up is critical for smooth domestic bliss.  I have a daughter who runs a very busy web based business – she and her partner are on the go all the time.  To add to the mix, they have two dogs, both of which need plenty of exercise and hands on care.  I sometimes wonder if they’ve gone stark raving mad.

They are currently in the process of moving to a much bigger house, out in the country.  Living up to the dreams of so many hopefuls on a certain well known daytime lifestyle property search programme.  We spent the last week chatting endlessly about what needs to be installed in the new kitchen “if we’re lucky enough to move . . . .” following every sentence.  The new house will need new white goods in the kitchen and utility room – as a first port of call.  Good job there are some fantastic online sites dealing with kitchen and homeware upgrades!