Vigilance Needed For Party People With Special Food Needs

By golly it can be a very trying time to be planning weddings and anniversary parties for the average British summer at the best of times, but this year has been unbelievably complicated.  Spring eventually drifted in from a cold and very wet, but not particularly notable winter.  The flurry of spring weddings and easter festivities generally happned without a tremendous amount of heart ache.  There was pockets of bizarre activities on the news – variouss old fashioned ames being revived for the many charitable bashes about.

When catering for a large and varied bunch of folk, there will inevitably be cause for concern that everyone has read the invite / ad and noted if they need to request any special dietary items.  At a recent party held a a local boating club, the hosts had made sure there were choices, and these were kept entirely separate from main stream.  Oh and don’t get me started on gluten-free!